Student Employment Services
Tips for Sidestepping Email Scammers

Never wire funds to potential employers or to a third party. Some scammers will offer to send you a money order or cashier's cheque to run errands and pay bills for them and then you wire some of the money to a third party. This is ALWAYS a scam. Just delete the email.

Never open email attachments from someone you don't know. If you think the email may be legitimate, send them a message back asking them what was in the attachment, but don't ever open it.

Don't provide any personal information. If someone asks for your banking information or any other type of identifier (i.e. Social Insurance Number, Credit Cards) so that they can deposit the rental fees directly, this is a scam.

If in doubt, just delete. If you suspect that an email inquiry is a scam, you can simply delete the message. The majority of scammers will not try again if you don't respond to them. Don't engage in a dialogue with scammers. Once they think they may have you hooked, they'll keep fishing until you bite.

If you're really not sure, feel free to send us the message and we'll be happy to take a look.

Contact the RCMP to report an email scam