Student Employment Services
Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Program

PAL provides additional assistance with course content through free study sessions with a PAL Leader.

  • PAL Leaders are College of the Rockies students who have passed the course in high standing, or strong current students who are hired to lead PAL sessions

Sessions are one-to-one for individual courses, or by group study* for some cohort programs as follows:

  • BIOL 181/182 & KNES 200/210
  • Health Care Assistant
  • Welding
  • Electrical

Note: Students can request one-one sessions for these programs if you prefer; coordinate this with your PAL Leader once you've signed up.

Click here to Fill in a PAL Request online. Upon sign-up, you are connected with a PAL Leader who will email you to arrange session time(s); one hour per course per week. Students are encouraged to book regular sessions with their PAL Leader to get the most benefit.

Note: We will do our best to find a PAL Leader for the program/course you need assistance with, however it is not always possible.

What Do PAL Leaders Do?

PAL Leaders support learning and assist students to understand concepts, problem-solving techniques and improve study skills in the subject area by;

  • Assisting with organizational strategies specific to the course.
  • Assisting students with study skills appropriate to the course delivery and assignments.
  • Identifying appropriate review strategies.
  • Connecting with course faculty to understand where students are struggling.

Want to be a PAL Leader?

Email PAL Coordinator with the current or past course(s) you feel qualified to tutor, and include the last grade you received in the course(s). This is not a guarantee of work, as instructors will be asked for their recommendations for tutors, but we always like to have a pool of students who may be interested in tutoring. It is also good to let your instructor know that you are interested in tutoring.