Student Employment Services
Employment for International Students

Where Can you Work?

As an international student, you can work on-campus without a work permit.

You may be eligible for an off-campus work permit, under certain conditions. Eligible students will be able to work off campus part time during the school year and full time during educational breaks.
Who is Eligible

See International Education for step-by-step help in applying for this permit.

See Student Employment Services for help with your resume, cover letter, and other job-finding tips.

How to Get a Social Insurance Number (S.I.N.)

Go to the nearest Service Canada Office.
You will need:

  • Study Permit (for on-campus work)
  • Work Permit (for off-campus work)
  • Picture ID (e.g. passport)

Volunteer Work

This is a great way to get experience, and you don't need a work permit, provided it is not a job for which a Canadian would normally get paid. See Student Employment Services for help in securing a volunteer work placement.


Citizenship and Immigration - information on work opportunities for foreign students