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Service Learning Experience

What is Service Learning Experience vs. Practicum/Internship


A practicum is a mandatory program requirement to complete an unpaid work placement. A practicum is aimed at giving students supervised, real-world application and experience of theory and principles learned throughout their course of study. Individual programs may allow students to use a paid work placement with prior approval from an instructor if the job meets the goals of the practicum.


An internship is a volunteer or unpaid work placement with an employer to allow students to gain relevant work experience and guidance in a particular field. No credit is granted for Internships and the college is not involved in these placements.

Service Learning Experience (SLE)

SLE is offered as an option for students to do an unpaid practicum/internship-type placement to obtain partial course credit.  Like a practicum, the goal is to provide students with supervised, real-world application and experience of theory and principles related to a particular course and to gain credit towards that course.

Currently open to Business Management (BMGT) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students, this is a new initiative driven by the Business Advisory Council to foster an environment where students are active participants in our community while supporting both their education and local industry.

If successful, we hope to expand this opportunity for our students and local business community to connect with other programs at the college.

If you're a BMGT or BBA student interested in pursuing this option, please contact Career and Placement Officer Lourdes Butalid-Roxas or Program Coordinator Greg McCallum.